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If you want to know why we are passionate about storytelling, watch the video below!

We offer end to end video production services.

Storytelling has been around since early hunters first gestured to each other in front of a fire. Now it can increase click-through rates, sales conversions and brand awareness. All of which are things you need.

Whether it’s a promotional video for your business, a crowdfunding pitch video or a strategic story, Flashworks Media has you covered. We feel strongly about having a good story and a solid concept behind stunning visuals.

Maybe you are thinking I know we need a video, but not sure what exactly we should do.

We can help develop a solid concept that is in line with your marketing and brand story, then bring it to life with stunning video to match! If you are in Christchurch we can easily come and meet with you to discuss options. If you are further afield we can happily arrange a meeting over skype or on the phone. Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that evokes emotions, fires the imagination and stirs the soul. And that is where we come in!



Alex Guichard – Revology

“We have had the pleasure of working with John-Jo a number of times. I find him to be one of those rare birds who combines both creativity and structure. His project management is very professional and our film was completed within the timing and budget. His creative input helped us to make a professional video that brought tears to our eyes (in a good way). From action sports to brand stories, John-Jo knows how to subtly strum those elusive heart strings. I would highly recommend his services to any company or individual seeking someone to make a beautiful film.”

To see the work with created for Alex and Revology please head over to Revology page here.


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