As a kid I was interested in everything film. From the stop-motion animation of Morph to the cinematic styles of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Now based out of Christchurch, I want to create videos that inspire people to take action.

Video production content creatorI began my career creating video production content as a filmmaker in Wanaka, Central Otago. In no time I was creating weekly webisodes, same day event edits and social media content like nobodies business. Hence, it was nothing short of a busy time.

Cutting my teeth in the harsh mountains, shooting videos and editing productions to tight deadlines, all while developing self-reliance. As a result, I gained a huge amount of experience and passion for creating quality video production content for businesses and individuals.

In December 2016, I decided to move our base of operations to Christchurch, CanterburyI wanted to be closer to my family, who live near Windwhistle, inland from Christchurch. I also want to grow Flashworks into an organisation that creates quality video production content for many years to come, consequently outliving my lifetime.


Creating video production content with 3 core values:

1. Make the world a better place.

I was running along the world famous Bondi Beach in Sydney after work in 2008. The sun was setting and crowds were leaving the beach. They were also leaving their rubbish on the sand. The wind was blowing the sand into the ocean. As I was running along the water was surging up around my ankles and pushing fast food wrappers, plastic bags and cigarette butts around my feet. I felt sick looking at it all.

I ran home and grabbed my handy cam and started filming the rubbish washing out to sea. There was too much to quantify. I felt like if I could show the council this video they may reinstate the bins they recently removed from the beach. Or at least do something to address the situation.

Over the next few days I collected lots of footage. But then realised I didn’t have the skills to do anything productive with it. I began to feel pretty useless and insignificant. How can one person “save the world”? Well, one person can’t, but everyone could. How do you get lots of people to do anything? You have to communicate with a large number of people, right?

Team Flashworks Media

After some thought the plan became to create Flashworks Media. A video production company that has a positive environmental impact and creates positive social change videos / documentaries / quality video production content. By telling the stories that need to be told to a large number of people, I hope to make the world a better place.

To do this we need to have a strong commercial side to the business. When we create engaging video production content for our commercial clients, we are in fact working towards our goal of financial freedom. Therefore, freeing up time to make unfunded social and environmental films that better the world.

While we are working towards this goal, we have set up tree planting initiatives: See our environmental page here

2. Always create the best work possible.

No matter the scale of the project, or the budget of the corporate video, we set out to create the best quality video production content possible. At Flashworks media we believe a video production company must stand by their work, and continuously strive to produce the best end product for their clients. See our showreel.

3. Don’t be a dick.

An important value that covers many basic acts such as; pay your debts, treat people with respect, be honest, do the right thing, and be a decent human being. In short don’t be a dick!

Our Team

Often the one man team of me, myself and I, is all that is required.  For other situations I call in appropriate & talented individuals to work as part of the team. Over the years I have worked with many talented folks and I love collaborating to create quality video production content. 

Our Work

Recent Flashworks Media clients include Hyundai, Hayden Paddon, Audi, Corona, Mazda, Revology and a Kickstarter Campaign for European start up company PowUnity. Also a feature length documentary “FIFTY the Movie” which documents Mal Law’s goal of running fifty mountain marathons over fifty peaks around New Zealand in just fifty days. All to raise a tonne of money for The Mental health Foundation of New Zealand.  Documentaries are a massive undertaking, but they have huge potential rewards in terms of the effect they have on large numbers of people.

In short, “I love what I do.”

I can’t call it a job, because it is more than that. It is helping others achieve their goals, while simultaneously working on my own. I love the geeky techy side of cameras, codecs and picture profile settings while also getting immense satisfaction from a clean, well balanced frame. I’d have to say I am drawn to any style that is slick, cinematic, clean and smooth.

If you want to pick up the phone, and give me a call. I am happy to hear from anyone interested in video production content and storytelling. If I can help you I will, if I can not help directly I’ll do my best to put you in touch with someone who can.

As part of a recent project with Revology, I was put in front of the camera.. It doesn’t happen very often! Check out my interview below. Further below that you can see a fun edit I shot one evening as a bit of fun.




If you have questions, need concept or video content for your product, business or service – shoot me an email, because you can always:

If you have a documentary you need to make, or an environmental video I’d be especially keen to hear from you.

John-Jo  Ritson

Producer – Director – Camera Op – Editor – Wings Certified Drone Pilot – Snowboarder – Self-titler – Camera Geek – Tree Hugger.








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