Flashworks Media offers high definition aerial filming in Christchurch, Canterbury as well as many other stunning locations. As a professional video production company, shooting from helicopters is a frequent request. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE hanging out of helicopters to get the perfect shot. But, by utilising the latest in UAV / drone technology, we can capture aerial footage like there’s no tomorrow.

Since Christchurch and the Port Hills are stunning locations, aerial filming really comes into its own here in Canterbury. Our Drone (Also known as; Quadcopter, UAV or RPAS) is lightweight and portable, therefore allowing us to get it on site and aerial filming in no time!

Aerial filming will bring a “wow” factor to your video content. Showcasing your location and hence giving you the perfect marketing tools or event coverage for your project.

We are professional, “Wings” Certified, experienced and insured

On the 1st of August 2015 there were many rules and regulations introduced, regarding the use of drones for aerial filming. We are professional, experienced, Wings Certified and covered with drone specific insurance, therefore these regulations are second nature to us. Check out our work and find out more below.

We utilise the latest in Radio Controlled Quadcopter technology with a 3 axis gimbal. As a result, we get perfectly stabilised aerial footage. We utilise FPV (First person View), therefore we watch in real time what our High Definition stills/video camera is seeing. Consequently, we ensure we get the exact shots you are after.

Aerial Filming can be a little tricky, however with our experience in flying since 2013 and being wings certified since 1st August 2015 you can rest assured we will get the shots you need without issue.

We have multiple options – including the Inspire 2 with X5S raw & prores camera, and the Phantom 4.

The Phantom 4 packs a whole lot of punch into a small, lightweight and quick to set up package. It has Obstacle Avoidance technology, dual navigation systems, and Sport Mode that gives speeds up to 72kmph, which was very useful when trying to keep up with Rally Star Hayden Paddon! To see both episodes of The Art Of New Zealand Rallying click here. The Phantom 4 is the smartest, safest drone around and provides us with 4k, 2k and 1080 full HD at 120fps for superb slow motion. You can check out this video to see more of the tech inside the Phantom 4.



Whether you are selling real estate or covering live events, aerial filming can take your media coverage or promotional video to the next level. If you are interested in aerial filming in Christchurch or any other stunning location, then give us a call and we can help.

Get in touch to find out more.

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