Drones capture stunning aerial video for your video production. We have been filming with drones since 2013 and wings certified since 1st August 2015. You can rest assured we will get the shots you need while meeting all CAA regulations. We are professional, Part 101 “Wings” Certified, experienced and drone insured.

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“John-Jo of Flashworks Media, was highly professional and courteous, both in his communication and his execution of our required aerial work. The shoot went smoothly; the footage looks great; file delivery was prompt and flexible; and all legal requirements for filming were adhered to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flashworks Media’s services.”

— Andrew Todd


We offer 5.2k aerial drone filming in Christchurch, Canterbury and throughout NZ. We can shoot 5.2K video and stills in CDNG RAW and Prores to ensure the best quality drone work. You are looking to hire a drone operator, you’ve come to the right place!

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Drones are a tool that have a specific purpose and make up one part of our filmmaking kit. The video below shows how aerial filming can add a wow factor to an event video.


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The Phantom 4 packs a whole lot of punch into a small, lightweight and quick to set up package.  To see both episodes of The Art Of New Zealand Rallying click here. You can check out this video to see more of the tech inside the Phantom 4.


Whether you are selling real estate or covering live events, aerial filming can take your media coverage or promotional video to the next level. If you are interested in aerial filming in Christchurch or any other stunning location, then give us a call and we can help.


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