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Revology Launch Video

Revology asked us to make a branded video for the launch of their business. We wanted to tell a story that showed their passion, commitment and drive in creating the most beautiful chair in the world. Think a chair can’t be sexy? Think again!  This is what we created for them. #discoverrevology

Following on from the launch video we created a series of branded videos outlining Revology’s Why.


It is more than just advertising. Your audience will respond to and engage with branded video content, because it’s less about selling your product or service but more about providing value to your brand.

We create branded video content for a diverse range of businesses and individuals. Often Strategic Storytelling is the best approach to define your brand. By telling genuine stories through video you will connect emotionally with your audience while conveying your strategic points of difference.

Other times branded video content may be more suitable. Bringing together high impact imagery to really showcase your business, product or brand. Whatever the project, we can help you define your concept and reach your audience.

Have a look at some of our branded video content examples below.

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Paddon’s Playground

Kiwi WRC Rally star Hayden Paddon first asked us to create video during the campaign to bring back the WRC Rally to New Zealand.

After that Hayden wanted to give the rally fans something they would really enjoy and also create content for the next 12 months. So we created a concept, found locations filmed and edited Paddon’s Playground.
Here is Part 1: Minaret Station and  Paddon’s Playground Part 2: Cardrona.

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The Art of New Zealand Rallying: Haydon Paddon & Hyundai Motorsport

We created branded video content for Hayden Paddon and Hyundai and the #BringBackWRCRallyNZ campaign. Here is what Hayden had to say about the two video we created.

 “These videos sum up just how good rallying in our beautiful country is. It’s a tribute to the people and the passion, the marshals and the volunteers that make our sport possible. A huge thanks to John-Jo and his team at Flashworks Media who have put these two videos together with a limited script. They have produced something that is truly breathtaking. “ – Hayden Paddon


Breca Swim Run

On 25th March 2017, teams from around the world experienced a journey into the wilderness at the inaugural Breca Swimrun in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Lake Wanaka is a spectacular, but challenging landscape. It lies in a glaciated valley in the heart of the Southern Lakes District. With a course comprising 42km of running and 8km of swimming over 18 transitions, this is not a race for the faint-hearted.

Set against the backdrop of the Mt. Aspiring National Park, the teams pitted themselves against technical trails and deep, glacial waters to stake their claim as the intrepid pioneers of the New Zealand Swimrun movement.

Breca Swimrun asked us to create branded video content of the Wanaka race to showcase what Breca is all about and share the beauty behind this challenging event.

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Just a few days after publishing the branded video had 26,000 views, 94 shares and 54 comments. That is engaging video content!

Creating Engaging Video Content
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 Volunteers of Challenge Wanaka

Challenge Wanaka have a huge need for volunteers to run their triathlon. Every single person makes a difference to the event and ensures the athletes have a safe and enjoyable race. They wanted to promote the experience and say thanks to all those involved. Here’s what the race director, Bill Roxburgh, had to say after we released the Challenge Wanaka volunteers video.

“Well done looks very good. This is a very professional production and you can feel very proud of what you have created. Feedback from around the world has been incredible. We will get a lot of mileage from this and hopefully will draw more people to Wanaka and CW/CWH. Thanks again and we will see you next year” – Bill Roxburgh

Branded video content does not have to fit into any particular genre or video either, we can come up with a unique concept for your brand that delivers your message to the world.

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