We are environmentally conscious

Flashworks Media has the goal of becoming a carbon negative video production company, because we care about our planet, and future generations to come.

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Step one was planting 200 trees in 2015 – one for every video we had on Vimeo at that time.

Step two has been to make an agreement with Te Kakano, a Wanaka based charity whereby every video we create from now on will mean one native tree gets planted in Wanaka. Furthermore, we are now looking for a tree planting company in Christchurch so we can offset our Christchurch video productions and continue in our quest to becoming a carbon negative video production company.

Watch the video blog of our first planting session here:

Steps three and beyond are currently being planned out…

While these are small steps, we believe these are steps in the right direction. Flashworks Media plans to do much more in this arena as time goes on. So watch this space.

Below you can see Flashworks Media shaking on the deal with Te Kakano, and a video we put together last minute to help raise awareness of a local climate march promoting strong action on climate change at COP21.

We have also sponsored a team for the Red Bull Defiance race and will be rewarding their progress by planting yet more trees through Te Kakano. Edit- see video above.

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Follow our environmental work with the #FlashworksMediaTrees, and feel free to get in touch if you think you can help us in our quest. Furthermore, if you need our help you with your environmental plans, please get in touch as we would love to here from you.

Here is a video we created to promote a Climate Walk ahead of the Paris talks in Europe.