New Zealand is the home of adventure racing. And the 540Km GODZone Adventure Race is arguably one of the worlds most technically challenging adventure races.

The GODZone Adventure Race , presented by 100% PURE Racing, was held in Wanaka in 2015. Flashworks Media was hired to film the GODZone Adventure Race Video, live as it unfolded, creating same day edits live in the field, as well sending out raw video footage to be used on TV3 and other national news channels.

First of all, the GODZone Adventure Race is New Zealand’s only multi-day, non-stop, expedition-style adventure race. Therefore, GODZone attracts domestic and international athletes from around the globe.

The GODZone Pure event lasts between 4 and 7 days. Most noteworthy, teams are “unsupported”, therefore they do not have their own support crews. Consequently, teams meticulously plan what gear and supplies they will require. They pack them into gear boxes that are then strategically located on course. Mixed teams of four travel day and night. Decisions to rest and sleep are left solely to the discretion of the teams themselves. As a result, many athletes become sleep deprived as their race unfolds.

Teams mental and physical skills are pushed to the ultimate limit as they navigate, trek, mountain bike and kayak over a vast array of different landscapes. And to add to the adventure, the course is kept secret from teams until the day before the race!

Check out this day 2 recap of the top 3 teams…


Racing GODZone Documentary

Want to know what 540km of non-stop adventure racing looks like? Check out the teaser for Racing GODZone – a documentary filmed and directed by Flashworks Media that follows Torpedo 7 Adventure Race Team through the renowned GODZone Adventure Race in 2016.