Only recently has the corporate community recognised the power of strategic storytelling.

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Stories can position brands, transform businesses, and engage employees. Telling genuine stories allows you to tap into your viewers’ emotions. Strategic storytelling results in a high level of engagement that ultimately leads to your viewers taking action.

A story can go where other things can’t… our hearts. Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act. To do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that evokes emotions, fires the imagination and stirs the soul. 


Sheree & Dylan Ditchfield from Farming to Freedom needed video content to promote their business course which helps people find balance in life and business. During pre-production, we asked lots of questions and it became abundantly clear that a strategic video story was the best option. We needed to make sure that people knew the reasons the course came into being, and that Dylan and Sheree were the real deal. To support this video we also created a testimonial video which was equally as effective.

“Our relationship with Flashworks Media has been a very positive one. They were very professional but with a personal touch of really wanting to understand our journey, where we are now and the vision of where we aspire to go. This we believe is their real point of difference, and is why we are extremely happy with the result that they captured, delivering on their promises. We look forward to doing future work with Flashworks Media.”

Dylan & Sheree Ditchfield

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We were really excited when Alice Herald, an internationally acclaimed jewellery designer, got in touch. It was clear that a strategic storytelling was the right option to promote her bespoke business. We had a chat off camera so we could find out all about her, what she does, WHY she does it, and how Herald came to be. We devised questions that would evoke the emotions while highlighting her unique selling points. From there we created The Story of Herald.


Alex Guichard – Co-Founder and CEO of Revology

Revology is start-up company consisting of a small team of Revologists, designing sustainable objects for the next generation. Alex Guichard, has come from a background of technology, running start-up companies developing new technology for today’s tech products. But with the rise of ephemeral gadgets, this time around it was time to do something different. It is time to lead a new generation of companies, to change how we behave, to make the right choices and to ensure that we leave only a legacy behind.

Alex asked us to tell his story, so we put together this bio where Alex shares what inspired him to start Revology.

Alex Guichard – Revology

“We have had the pleasure of working with John-Jo a number of times. I find him to be one of those rare birds who combines both creativity and structure. His project management is very professional and our film was completed within the timing and budget. His creative input helped us to make a professional video that brought tears to our eyes (in a good way). From action sports to brand stories, John-Jo knows how to subtly strum those elusive heart strings. I would highly recommend his services to any company or individual seeking someone to make a beautiful film.”

To see the work with created for Alex and Revology please head over to Revology page here.