360˚ Photo & Video

360˚ Video production creates a fully immersive experience

Traditional video limits your viewers to the contents of a frame. 360 degree video production removes the boundaries of the frame and frees the viewer, giving the consumer to choice of where to look. Viewing an interactive 360° video creates a fully immersive experience. Go for a walk on Fox Glacier, or chill out by a water fall!

Here is a 360 VR video production showcasing why Revology are inspired by nature.

This page is still under construction as we are out there in the field, shooting and the like. But rest assured we can capture and output 360 video from multiple cameras both stills and video! We have a pretty big VR  project that is tightly under wraps for now but we can’t wait to share it with you all!

In the meantime you can see some basic 360 photo examples here.

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