9 Places To Promote Your Brand Video.


So you've got a strategic brand video, now what? It’s time to plan out where it should go.

To make sure it's being watched by as many people as possible, check out this guide we created on how and where you can use it.

  1. Website Homepage - One of the first places to put your brand video is on the homepage of your website. Placing it front and centre of your site will establish authority for your content prior to publishing it elsewhere. It can also help you achieve better web visitor engagement and higher SEO placement.

  2. Twitter- Twitter is great for promoting video because new content can be shared very broadly very quickly, if it catches on. You might also want to tweet it at certain brands or followers if they would find it interesting and are likely to retweet thus getting more people to see it.

  3. LinkedIn- This is the largest social network for professionals so of course you want to have your strategic brand video featured on your company page. The good thing about LinkedIn is that through LinkedIn ads you can specifically target companies that may not already know about your product, service or brand.

  4. Instagram- Instagram is great for sharing short snippets of your brand story in the “stories” section. You can use hashtags to connect your video to a broader audience, and be sure to include a link in the description that points back to your full-length video!

  5. Facebook- Facebook is also great for sharing video content especially since they’ve added support for auto playing videos in the newsfeed. You can either put snippets of your original brand story here or the whole video. If you are just putting snippets be sure to include a link to the full video, ideally one that leads back to your website.

  6. Youtube - Youtube is the biggest video sharing network in the world, your youtube channel is a great place for people to find your video content. However be aware that as it is so large it may get lost in all the noise so you may want to look at Vimeo.

  7. Vimeo - Vimeo's smaller, more community-driven platform might be a better option if you're hoping to tap into an existing creative niche.

  8. Email Signature - We send so many emails a day so why not put a snippet of your brand video in your email signature. It’s an effective way to grab the attention of the person on the receiving end.

  9. Blog-  Blog posts should always provide value and nurture prospective customers. Sometimes, you might do everything right to attract and engage a lead, but they just may not be ready to buy. That’s where providing value and continuing to nurture their interest in your product or service becomes incredibly important. Your brand video can and should be a powerful resource to achieve this goal, and featuring it on your company blog can be a simple, subtle, and smart place to do just that.

And there you have it, 9 places to promote your brand video. If you haven’t got a brand video and are ready to start thinking about what your brand story should look like then get in touch today.

Gina Papahadjis