“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world” - Professor Robert McKee

Stories have the power to position brands, transform businesses, and engage employees. Telling genuine stories allows you to tap into your viewers’ emotions resulting in a high level of engagement that ultimately leads to your viewers taking action. We believe that telling a compelling story takes time. That’s why we are committed to putting in the time and effort to really understand how your company operates and the story that started it all.



“The best Storytellers are the best listeners”. In our initial pre productions phase we take the time to listen. We like to hear multiple perspectives about your business, goals and values so that we can fully understand the concepts before we make any creative decisions.


Engaging stories have a strong emotional hook and one of the best ways to find this emotional hook is by asking questions. During the second phase of our pre production process involves delving deeper into the unified vision for the purpose of work.


Conflict is the source of change that engages the audience and helps to draw in their attention. It’s an obstacle that we want our characters to overcome and takes the audience to the classic psychology underpinning of human behaviour:fight or flight. We cheer for those who overcome adversity.